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What Mom REALLY wants on Mothers Day

Released on May 7th, 2021



Source Farmhouse Brewery

300 Rt. 34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Pickup begins

May 7th, 2021

Delivery begins

May 7th, 2021

Release notes

**ALL SALES ARE FINAL** BY MAKING THIS PURCHASE YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS IF YOU FAIL TO PICK UP YOUR BEER WITHIN THE PICKUP WINDOW. Do not purchase if you can’t pickup in the allotted pickup timeframe provided.** Pickup begins on Friday May 7th at noon and ends on May 14th at 8pm. **YOU MUST PICK UP your beer on or BEFORE May 14th for this release.** PICK UP HOURS are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-8pm, Friday & Saturday 12-8pm & Sunday 12-7pm. We are CLOSED on TUESDAY. Delivery Option available at checkout.

Colts Abbey

13% ABV • Belgian Quad

DARK FRUITS | SPICY | BOLD Colts Abbey is our rendition of a Belgian style dark strong ale. Although not brewed by monks in a monastery, this beer has a special place in our hearts and reminds us of the Trappist beers of Belgium that inspired us when we were just starting out our personal beer journeys. Despite its strength, Colts Abbey is remarkably drinkable and boasts a wide variety of wonderful aromas and flavors. It pours a deep copper hue into a glass and quickly develops an off white head of beautiful foam. As you sip and the beer begins to warm, you will notice aromas and flavors opening up and developing even further. A complex interplay of specialty malts, amber candi sugar, and expressive, fruity/spicy Belgian yeast at first give an impression of sweetness that fades and is replaced by a dry and effervescent finish. After primary fermentation, this high gravity brew was cold conditioned for over a month to round out all the edges and allow all the nuanced flavors and aromas to meld together. It was then bottled, corked, and caged with fresh yeast and priming sugar to undergo secondary fermentation right in the bottle, lending additional complexity and scavenging packaged oxygen in the process, prolonging its lifetime. These 750ml bottles wild be sold at room temperature and can either be cellared for additional aging and development (up to 10 years) or kept in the refrigerator to consume now (we recommend serving between 40-50 degrees) We get notes of rum soaked raisin, bananas foster, toffee, glazed Honeybun, vanilla crème brûlée, caramelized sugar, fig jam, toasted marshmallow, molasses, crumb cake, and clove.

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