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Giving Thanks Triple Can Release

Released on November 25th, 2020



Source Farmhouse Brewery

300 Rt. 34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Pickup begins

November 25th, 2020

Delivery begins

November 25th, 2020

Release notes

**SALES ARE FINAL** BY MAKING THIS PURCHASE YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS. DO NOT PURCHASE if you can’t pickup in the allotted pickup timeframe provided.** Pickup begins on Wednesday November 25th at noon and ends on December 2nd at 5pm. **YOU MUST PICK UP your beer on or BEFORE December 2nd for this release.** PICK UP HOURS ARE TUESDAY-SATURDAY 12-5pm ONLY! Delivery Option available at checkout.



AMBER | MALTY | SMOOTH Colts Bock is a very special seasonal lager that epitomizes what we are all about here at Source. Back in the Spring we visited our friend Stephen Garrett's family farm to plow the earth and then later cultivate some local heirloom corn. Using a 100-year-old ground driven @johndeere corn planter originally designed to be drawn by a horse, we sowed the colorful seeds into the rich soil that had been fertilized over many months prior with the spent grains from our brewing process. Later, in autumn, we revisited the small farm to reap our bountiful harvest of beautiful heirloom corn, which we then incorporated into this brew. We dehusked and cooked the multicolored corn kernels in a separate cereal mash before introducing them into the main mash, which consisted in large parts of rich, bready, and toasty Munich malts. A long boil, a touch of noble hops for balancing bitterness, and clean lager fermentation followed by extended cold conditioning in one of our dedicated horizontal lagering tanks give this beer is distinguishing character. Colts Bock is a dark amber German style lager that is full flavored with a medium body and a smooth, clean finish. It opens with rich, toasty, malt flavors and hints of dark fruits, which are balanced by just enough hop bitterness to keep the beer from being sweet. The heirloom corn adds a nice layer of flavor complexity and serves to boost the alcohol content of the beer while lightening its body for drinkability. We get notes of freshly baked bread, browned-to-perfection toast, pie crust, plum preserves, raisins, sweet corn, a touch of caramel, graham crackers, and herbal/ earthy/ woodsy hops.

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