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Multiple pickup windows


Drop new releases to your
entire community with ease.

Total control of your releases with an automated process from end-to-end. Control your inventory, offer exclusive and early access and simplify your pickup and delivery logistics with our built-in tooling.


Automate everything.

Schedule when pre-ordering, pickup and delivery for your release begins and ends. We’ll notify your customers via text and email the second pre-ordering is open.

  • Automated text and email alerts throughout the release.
  • Set it and forget it. Schedule releases weeks in advance.
  • Alerts go out the second your release drops.


Total control.

You have full control over your inventory and the amount you make available for sale per release. Limit the amount each customer can purchase and never oversell.

  • Release as much or as little as you want.
  • Limit how much each customer can purchase.
  • Never oversell. Your release shuts down the
    moment your products sell out.


Show some love.

Invite your most loyal supporters, club members, family, friends or whoever you want for exclusive and early access to your releases.

  • Exclusive and early access to pre-ordering.
  • Custom purchase limits per group.
  • Early pickup window options to avoid the crowd.
  • Offer group discounts.


Pickup made easy.

Get your customers in and out with QR code scanning for proof of purchase. As simple as taking a picture, scan QR codes with your camera to keep orders...in order.

  • Receipts include a QR code for proof-of-purchase.
  • Scan with your smartphone camera.
  • Keep order tracking up-to-date by marking items as complete the moment they’re picked up.


Local delivery logistics.

Want to offer local delivery as an option at checkout? We’ve got you covered. Set your delivery radius, fees and we’ll optimize the delivery routes.

  • Deliver straight to your customers door.
  • Setup your delivery radius, delivery fees and minimum purchase requirements.
  • Automatic delivery status alerts for customers.


Private reviews.

Get private feedback directly from customers with verified purchases. Ratings and reviews are always private and only shared with you.

  • Ratings and reviews from verified purchases only.
  • Just for you; never made public.

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