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Alternate Ending Beer Co.

September Release

To celebrate the wonderful town that took us in and made us part of their community, we are brewing a special beer for the once-a-year celebration, Aberdeen Day. Just like local folklore inspired our Amity Premium Lager, a local musician and his band inspired this heavier (but still crushable) version of Amity. Jon Caspi and the First Gun, who have been long-standing in the NJ punk scene, partnered with us to re-release their cult classic song “Raise ‘Em High” to be the Official Beer of Aberdeen Day. We also have a new Pale Ale for y’all called Man-O-Lantern that we brewed special for @yetisteel for Space Squatch 2022. And finally, we hosted an unbelievable fundraiser for cancer research over the weekend called Melesa’s Wings. Along with @yankeerunner we brewed a very special barrel-aged saison with peaches and honey for an exclusive event release, and we’ll be donating $5 for every bottle sold to cancer research.

In this release


    $16.00 5.5% ABV

    Raise 'Em High

    American Lager


    American Lager 5.5%
    Sweet Grain/Honey/General Admission

    Raise ‘Em High with us this Saturday at the official after-party of Aberdeen Day with Jon Caspi and the First Gun! Hold your beer high in the air as you rock out and crush our newest American Lager. Think of this as the big brother to Amity, with notes of sweet grain, honey, and feel- like-standing-shoulder-to-shoulder in general admission.

    Click here to preorder the vinyl of Raise 'Em High:

    Unit description



    2 per customer

    $18.00 5.0% ABV

    Man-O Lantern

    Pale Ale


    Pale Ale 5%

    We were thrilled when we were asked to brew a Pale Ale for Space Squatch 2022. When @yetisteel invited us to this amazing event and suggested a Pale Ale with outer space hops, we knew exactly what we wanted to brew. We took our Why Not?! recipe, made subtle adjustments, and crushed it with Strata, Galaxy and peppered in some Comet. The result is strong notes of citrus and sap. Although the concept of this label differed from the original mashup, we knew Harry and the Hendersons had to be in it somehow. We started to brainstorm who is hairy like Harry, and boom, one of the funniest scenes in movie history came to mind! We hope you love it as much as we do!

    Unit description



    Unlimited per customer

    $16.00 6.7% ABV


    Saison Aged with Peach and Honey


    In Memory of Maria Elena Escobar Saavedra
    Saison Aged with Peach and Honey 6.7%
    Light Funk/Stone Fruit/Vinous

    Elena is a Saison made with NJ grown malt aged for 8 months in Chardonnay barrels. It was then aged for another 1 month on fresh organic peaches and bottle conditioned with local Homelands Farm honey. This delicate thoughtful beer was developed by Jose Manchola and brewed collaboratively with Alternate Ending for the Melesa’s Wings IV charity event. And darlin’, darlin, stand by me, oh, stand by me, whoa stand now, stand by me, stand by me...

    Unit description

    1 bottle


    Unlimited per customer

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  • Alternate Ending Beer Co.

    1057 NJ-34, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747 Pickup begins: Wed, Sep 21st at 4:00pm Pickup ends: Sun, Oct 2nd at 8:00pm

Additional Notes

Ordering closes this Friday 9/23 at 12pm. Any remaining cans will be released to the taproom. Can pickup will now be during regular business hours at the bar. Please order ONLY if you can pick up by Sunday 10/2, otherwise your cans will be released back to AE.